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May 06, 2007



Oh Susan...I've been there. Birthday parties—going to them and giving them—are a constant source of anxiety in our house. We've had luck with simple "at home" theme parties for GP, no more than a handful of children invited.

Your playground idea sounds perfect and I hope Isaac will surprise you and have a wonderful day. Fingers crossed for you!


I used to torture my children with birthday parties, both other people's and their own.
I finally 'got it' and admitted defeat. For Leo's 4th we had two friends from therapy back home here for a 'play date' birthday party - very low key and a genuine success.
BEst wishes

drama mama

I admit I got a little choked up reading this lovely post. Parties were a sore spot for so long. I threw my What To Expect Toddler Years through a window. (I'm not kidding)

It gets so much better. You're doing the right things.

Keep those parties small, swift and manageable. I've become an expert at these parties (my daughter is 8), and parents always marvel at how well-organized and painless they are. If they only knew. See what a gift my daughter gave me? If not for her, I'd probably have ponies and acrobats and flaming fire jugglers. Simplicity. That's what she's given me.

Your guy sounds great.

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