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May 10, 2007



I'll second that review. After Thomas is excellent and at times very moving, but its always hard to know which bits are true and which are for dramatic effect. Our family are currently going through the process of a possible autism diagnosis for our son and my wife and I both found ourselves reassured that we aren't the only parents with these sorts of issues.

drama mama

Gotta check it out. Hmmm...is it on Netflix? Thanks for the tip!


I'm curious now, too. Hope it's a rentable title. Off to check blockbuster.com...


Interesting. It's waiting on TIVO for me but I've not been brave enough to watch it yet. I tend to watch late at night so I don't want to go to bed with anything 'nasty' on my brain. So this is the second 'positive' review I've seen, so I'm feeling a bit braver now.
Best wishes

Susan E

Hi there. Well I checked Netflix and it's not there, but it is on the Amazon Web site in the UK already. So I suspect it'll be out on DVD here soon.

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