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May 16, 2007



The Man Who Knew Too Much, Hitchock?!...;)


Hi Susan,
Thanks for the link. I learned something from the comments on my post (don't you love it when that happens?!) We should talk about this stuff more, with each other and, yes, with our kids. What we get from each other—those nice little phrases like, "everybody has strengths, everybody has something to learn"—will go a long way toward easing our way into the conversation with our own children, and to some extent (as I think about it now), with their siblings and friends.

So thanks again for getting the whole thing started. You really do get me thinking...hmmm, I was just tagged...

And, yes, it was The Man Who Knew Too Much (unlike, me, who seems to know very little and had to google it to get it right!)

Vicki Forman

"you-know-what, not otherwise specified."

I loved this. It's a perfect description of what it's like to head, toe by toe, out of not knowing, into know. Bravo for a great post.

Susan E

Oh, I forgot to announce the results of our little experiment. Yes, B, the answer is: "The Man Who Knew Too Much." You win a gold star.

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