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April 26, 2007



I'm with you--on all of it. I tie myself in knots over some of these same issues. Whenever we have a change or spike in GP's behavior, I wonder what's behind it. I remember one of our first OTs telling me that since GPs sensory issues were so severe, it was a safe bet to assume that all his behavior problems were rooted in sensory dysfunction of some kind. At the time, I took her words at face value. Now I'm not so sure--I think that, as you say, sometimes a cold is just a cold.

And don't even get me started on the pediatricians...

By the way, we also suffer from croup (though a little less this last winter). We tried so many different tactics, but found one of the most effective was to simply turn on the TV. When the croup hit, GP would get scared and overstimulated and on top of it he would struggle to breath. Turning on the shower (for the steam) frightened him. The hospital? really a scary place...but the TV? A distraction. He almost always was able to calm down and as he did, the breathing got better. BUT, I'm not a doctor...so, on second thought, go to the emergency room as planned.


Likewise, sometimes it's difficult to see the wood for the trees! However, I would say that whilst mine seemed to be ill all the time when they were little they seem to be much more robust now.


Ah, this is what I think...they don't have ENOUGH training. They are good with books, but with people? Not so much.

I loved this post; the dual nature of it exactly describes my dual motherhood experience, too. Because it's hardly ever "garden variety", I often forget to look at those possibilities! And when they are simply kid things, I'm still in a bit of a no-man's land until I'm sure our medical team is also seeing the normal-kid infection, or in our case, strep.

It's never easy, is it?


Yes, I agree with Jennifer...they simply don't have enough training. I took my son to the dr and I told the (Nurse?) that she probably wouldn't be able to take his blood pressure b/c everytime he moves, the machine clicks and starts over. She didn't listen and she looked about 12 years old but he didn't be still and she didn't get his blood pressure. She asked me , "Why won't he be still?" And I told her "He has behavioral problems and it is hard for him to be still." I just left it at that.

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