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April 18, 2007



I love this post. And it reminded me of our potty training escapades. The good news: he'll get the hang of it. The bad news: he gets to decide when.

Our son, after what seemed like a lifetime of trying -- some success, lots of failure -- simply woke up one June morning, asked for the Bob the Builder underpants and never pulled on a pull up again. Well, except for at night. But that's another story...


I love it! The new office! My boys, too, sit around on their potties and direct the world (me) all the while seeming very uninterested in actually DOING ANY BUSINESS. I'm beginning to think that yes, it does take a village, and maybe I need some more villagers to help out...

Jessica Leah

The thing is, you just can't let them sit around and wait. That is counter productive. If they aren't going right away, take them off and try again later...

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