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Susan Etlinger began writing about autism and special needs both to document her family's experience and to offer practical resources for families, teachers, therapists and friends of children on the autism spectrum.

She has been quoted on subjects related to autism and politics in The New York Times and The San Jose Mercury News, and is a regular contributor to BabyCenter’s MOMformation and The Silicon Valley Moms blog, where she writes on behavior and development from the parent’s perspective. Susan has been profiled on Megan Morrone and Leo Laporte's Jumping Monkays podcast, in San Francisco’s 7X7 Magazine and on Nerve Media’s Strollerderby blog; her posts on autism and other subjects have also been linked on CNN, in The Washington Post, Lifehacker and The Daily Kos.

Susan lives in San Francisco with her husband J. and five-year-old son Isaac, who is a natural comedian and believes that rhyming, elevators, cheese crackers, Dora the Explorer and YouTube represent the ninth through thirteenth wonders of the world, respectively.